The Buttie Barrier

It’s strange what it takes to break down barriers between strangers. For some it’s cultural and social similarities, for others it’s common interests or an engaging personality. For me, it’s a Buttie thing.

Now I’m not being elitist and honing in just slices of bread; I’m more than happy to include Baps, Baguettes and Rolls in this barrier breaking roll (no pun intended – but it still made me snigger). However, for the purpose of this post, I’ll just refer to them all as a Buttie (although there is, of course, the pre-requisite of having some manner of filling).

It’s worth noting that the contents of the Buttie can be almost anything, but there are some exceptions (the reason for this will become clear). I’m sure that you will have your own favourites: Cheese and Onion, Salmon and Cucumber, Cold Beef and Horseradish, etc..

This humble bread based snack can not accomplish the destruction of these well constructed social barriers on it’s own. It takes the addition of another lunchbox favourite to grant it the power for conquest of the human inhibitions.

The crisp!

The walls of insecurity will tumble by the mere act of opening the crisp packet, opening the Buttie and the placing of a few crisps in the middle of the contents.

As soon as one does it, the realisation dawns on others that this is now acceptable with the group and very soon crisps are flowing freely and Butties are having their contents exposed to the world. The sound of crunching as these transformed bread delights are consumed with gusto seems to herald the realisation that your companion is the same as you.

So I say, pop that packet, slide a few inside and crunch your way to a friendly world.

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